Thor fire lantern and torch in one

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Thor Fire windup lantern

Thor Fire windup lantern

Thor fire lantern and torch in one

TheThor Fire lantern is one of the most versatile lanterns we have come across. It is jam packed with way more features than anything else on the market.

Rechargeable by USB and by hand crank

It can be charged by winding up the hand crank on the back of the lantern, so no wasting money on expensive batteries. Its also a really convenient for when you are camping and have no access to a power source.

Thor fire lantern has wind up or USB charging.

Versatile lighting

The lantern easily and quickly turns from a lantern into a torch and vice versa. This feature is a real bonus, it enables the lantern to fit easily into your pocket and with seconds, pull it out your pocket and turn it into a lantern. I used one of these when i was amazon rainforest volunteering in Peru last year, it was perfect for the trip.

Smart protection built-in

Has built-in smart protection chips to prevent the device from being overcharged for peace of mind and increased safety.

Twin lighting levels

The lantern has two power settings, bright and dim which comes in handy in a tent, when sometimes it can be too bright.

Comes with all the cables needed and makes a great gift for friends and family.

Thro fire lantern comes with cable.

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