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TEKSTA is following-up its successful re-launch of the Teksta Robotic dog with three improvements. The Teksta range – additionally called Tekno in the United States – now has a Dalmatian, Kitten and a new T-Rex Robot Dinosaur.

The Dalmatian is basically just like both of the other pups which are not currently unavailable, but functions a layer that is irregular. The Dalmation acknowledges various palm actions and socializes together with basketball and his bone turns. Another two come with accessories that are other and have distinct activities.

The t-rex is not the same as it walks and appears on two legs using a pace that is slow. It got us laugh when seeing it move on personality choices’ remain in the Birmingham Toy Fair towards us, therefore we think it’s going to be an enormous success with kids. In addition, it can perform all types of  methods that are fresh. In the first place, while it too includes a bone item, the bone may come apart into two bits. The T-Rex will click it and fling it from its own mouth in case you nourish it to the T-Rex.

The Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur is going to be one of the top 10 toys this Christmas so you should order soon to avoid disappointment.